We are Raising Roots Farm

Simple Ingredients. Simple Processes.

Simple Ingredients Simple Process.

The Farm

Our farm is located just outside the city limits of Hickory, North Carolina. On our farm our family cares for pigs, chickens, and vegetation. Simple ingredients with a simple process! Come visit our store located on the farm that houses our products along with other local products, our top notch butcher shop, and we have a bar with taps that house adult beverages that are available to customers 21 years of age and older. Beer and wine only! Please drink responsibly!

The Pigs

The pigs are definitely the main attraction! Our farm houses a very specific breed called Gloucestershire Old Spots. The Old spots are friendly, funny, and floppy-eared with large rounded bodies. They are white in color with a few or a lot of distinctive black spots. Supplying succulent bacon, pork, and vitamin-D rich lard and weighing in at 600 pounds for a mature boar depending on age and food intake.


Green practices and clean ingredients. Our farm has a passion for providing food that is raised and cared for by local people without all of the harmful ingredients. We are passionate about bringing high quality food to our community through our homegrown produce, craft butchery, and delivery service. We strive for the best agricultural practices that produce the finest eating experience for our customers and a net positive impact on the environment.